Whether it's singing or learning to play an instrument, the value of having a musical outlet should never be

underestimated. Whilst its psychological and cathartic benefits are more obvious, there are also numerous health and physical benefits of singing from strengthening the immune system, being a 'natural anti-depressant' to lowering cortisol levels, stimulating the production of oxytocin (known as our love hormone) and even improving our sleep (singing has been found to be able to help reduce sleep apnea and snoring.) 


Whilst I started playing the piano aged 4, I only took up singing in my 20's. Nevertheless, I learned the importance of developing the 'correct' voice technique the hard way, developing nodules on my vocal cords. I could no longer sing or speak for more than a short period without losing my voice. I faced the prospect of either surgery or to 'respect' my voice in a whole new light. A professional Singer and Voiceover Artist by then, Speech therapy followed by years of SLS (Speech Level Singing Technique) saved my voice ... and my career.  



  • Vocal Coaching/Singing Tuition

  • Piano Lessons 


In person as well as remotely (on zoom / skype / video calls.)


Being able to sing or play piano is such a gift. It's also super social, it means you can join bands, choirs, sing in shows or theatre, perform solo in your downtime ... and of course, do gigs. But most of all it's great fun, its therapeutic and if you like a challenge, always paves the way for you to up your game and take it to the next level.



My singing pupils’ range in age from 7 years old to 70 years old. Everyone has their own reason for wanting to sing. The key thing to me is to make it 'fun.' If it's not fun and you're not being taught to 'enjoy' the journey, then you most probably won't stick at it. The reason, I believe, is quite simple. So many teachers overlook the fact that for kids to remain enthusiastic about music it needs to be enjoyable and fun. That may entail changing it up every so often, challenging them with a new genre to sing, letting go of inhibitions and giving them new goals - but most of all, letting them know that their lesson is 'their' time. for a creative outlet.


The outside world can seem so much more fun that practicing. So I make sure that practicing is fun, varied and changeable; and as for the SLS singing exercises we do, they are a lot of fun too! And super effective in extending your vocal range and timbre. From Matilda to Perfect by Ed Sheeran, an Avicii hit to a Barbara Streisand classic, I work together with you, accompanying you on piano, so that your own musical interpretation be heard. 

"Lucy was recommended to us by our daughters music teacher at Aloha College following our move from London to help prepare Phoebe for her Igcse’s this year. Phoebe had previously trained at both the Blackheath Conservatoire of Music and Trinity Laban and I can honestly say that Lucy’s teaching has surpassed all previous experiences. Lucy’s passion for the subject and her technical and teaching skills are exemplary.  Phoebe loved attending her classes and always left enthused and inspired....and the development in her vocal work is just amazing. Her IGCSE solo and duets were A* graded. So you can’t get much better than that! 

I have no hesitation recommending Lucy and actually already have to several adult friends of mine who were looking to develop their singing skills." 

Siobhan India Keely

To me, nobody is off limits. My piano pupils range from the ACRSM syllabus to grandparents touching the piano for the first time, wishing to learn their favourite tune for their beloved's 70th birthday - to GCSE students writing electronic music, who simply need that assistance to learn to read music and understand chords .Very often they will choose their favourite tune and I will work out by ear the most suitable version for them to play - according to their level.


For all those aspiring Singer/Pianists out there, I have also put together the option of Special Combo Vocal Piano Lessons - 1/2 an hour singing and the other 1/2 hour piano tuition.


For more info on any of the above services feel free to email or call / whatsapp me on 0034 661690986.

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